Barney says White House is ‘ducking’ DADT repeal

From Metro Weekly, a local DC gay paper, we have further confirmation that the President is not on our side on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – he’s “not being supportive” in terms of lifting the ban this year. Barney Frank confirms it:

Following up on what he previously referred to as the ”ambiguous” nature of the White House’s support for a repeal this year, Rep. Frank said, ”They’re ducking. Basically, yeah, they’re not being supportive, and they’re letting Gates be the spokesman, which is a great mistake.”

Joe and I have been saying this for months. Now it’s a fact. Joe Solmonese at the Human Rights Campaign has been saying for almost a year that the White House is being supportive, that they have a plan, that DADT will be repealed this year. Now we know the truth. So what is HRC going to do about it? What is White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina, the supposed White House point person on this issue, doing about it? Does Messina really want a blow up with the gay community in the last months before the elections, when gays and lesbians finally figure out that the White House never intended to lift the ban this year (and they still haven’t passed ENDA or repealed DOMA)? I can’t imagine so screwing up relations with the gay community, that the elections end up being all about the “the gays,” will go down as a high point of Messina’s time in the White House.

We have a serious problem here, folks. If Barney is calling out the President on gay issues, something he was always loathe to do, then things are bad.

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