Center for American Progress: DOD is ‘dragging their feet’ on DADT repeal // White House still silent on whether to repeal this year

Do we or do we not have civilian control of the military in this country?

The commander in chief has spoken. He has ordered the military to prepare the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and in response we get games. All last year year we had to deal with the lies from the Pentagon about how they were moving ahead with plans for implementation last May, then eight months later we find out that they did no such thing. Eight months of hard Pentagon work yielded a suggestion for another year-long study. And now we find out that DOD is still trying to delay even that.

Why? Because DOD is waiting until after the elections, in the hopes that the Democrats lose the Congress or at the very least lose enough seats as to make the repeal of DADT impossible.

Funny thing. It’s not the Pentagon’s job in a democracy to play games with the commander in chief’s orders, to make following such orders contingent on what happens in the next election. It’s their job to follow orders, period. Do Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen, and the rest of the joint chiefs, think that their troops can choose not to fight until the next election – you know – since maybe whoever wins won’t want them to fight any more?

It’s now been eight days since Congressman Barney Frank revealed publicly that the White House is now “ambiguous” on whether to repeal DADT this year. It’s been eight days since Barney Frank called on the White House to tell us where they stand on repeal this year. All Barney Frank, our top elected official in Congress, got in response was silence.

Where is HRC? Where is Joe Solmonese when Barney is getting dissed by the White House? Where is the plan that Solmonese repeatedly told our community the White House had? Why isn’t HRC getting an answer from the White House?

Mark my words – DADT is in trouble. If the repeal doesn’t pass this year, it’s going to be that much harder to pull it off after the elections this November. HRC knows that, but they continue to cover for the President’s inaction. It’s almost as if HRC doesn’t think we’re going to hold them, and their top donors, and their board members, personally responsible for this debacle after the elections. They’re sorely mistaken.

Barney Frank deserves an answer from the White House. Perhaps Joe Solmonese could take some time off from his fashion awards to do his job before it’s too late.

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