HRC is on lockdown, for fear of protesters

Robin McGehee of Get Equal, the group that organized Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo’s handcuffing to the White House fence, and the sit-ins in Speaker Pelosi’s DC and SF offices, to protest inaction on DADT and ENDA respectively, is tweeting that the Human Rights Campaign has been under a lockdown today, for fear of protests:

Dear @HRC there is no reason to be on lock down – myself and @LtDanChoi are not coming down to do a sit in – LET YOUR PEOPLE FREE

And I just confirmed the story via numerous sources. Apparently HRC is on lockdown, out of fear that gays civil rights advocate, angry at the organization for providing cover for the President’s and the Congress’s in action on DADT and ENDA, might try to stage a sit-in. I hear that even staff had to use key cards to get into the building, as everything was locked up tight (normally the front door is open).

Locking the building down like the gay CTU is certainly one option. Another is simply doing your job.

NB “Inaction” is incorrect. The White House is quite literally not interested in doing DADT this year. And HRC is publicly misleading the community about it. That’s why Barney Frank had to come out last Monday and ask the White House, publicly, to say that it wants DADT repealed this year. It’s been four days, no word from the White House. We’ll be counting the days on the blog for you, so no one forgets.

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