Obama administration hasn’t discussed timing or strategies for repeal of DADT with Lieberman either

To follow up on Joe’s post earlier, Lieberman is the lead sponsor of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal in the Senate. The White House, which claims to have been working on repeal since day one, hasn’t even discussed if we should pass the repeal this year, let alone how to pass the repeal this year, with the bill’s lead sponsor in the Senate.

Yet HRC told us, repeatedly, including as recently as a few weeks ago, but as early as May of last year, that the White House has a plan to repeal DADT and they’re executing it. So not only has the White House not shared their plan with SLDN and other groups (beyond HRC, apparently), but the White House also hasn’t shared their plan with the lead sponsor in the Senate, or, as we learned two weeks ago, with Barney Frank or with the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, the committee in which the legislation is most likely to pass.

Just more evidence that there is no plan to pass DADT repeal this year. Then why does HRC keep saying there is? How is it part of HRC’s strategy to not even let Barney Frank, Chairman Levin, and our lead sponsor in the Senate, Joe Lieberman, in on the “plan”? Part of the plan is not even telling Lieberman that the White House wants DADT repealed this year? It increasingly looks like HRC is simply lying, and that their refusal to call the administration out is harming our effort to repeal DADT this year. And if it doesn’t happen this year, after the upcoming disastrous elections in November, it won’t be happening for a long time coming.

More from Kerry Eleveld:

Although Lieberman said the administration “unequivocally” favors overturning the policy, he added that they have not explicitly discussed timing or specific strategies for repeal.

“I haven’t had the chance to talk to the White House about the idea of putting it into the Defense authorization bill,” he said.

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