Pelosi: DOD should move quicker on DADT implementation study

[youtube=]I was invited along with a small group of bloggers to a private Q&A; with US House Speaker Pelosi in the US Capital building this morning. The topic of the day was health care reform, but I was able to grab Pelosi for five minutes at the very end and ask her about the status of the passage of DADT repeal and ENDA this year. I think this was the most interesting statement by Pelosi:

PELOSI: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, we’re just waiting, what, for the [DOD] report back on that…

ARAVOSIS: Which may be December of January, DOD is kind of…

PELOSI: Well, they should move it quicker. They should move it quicker because it’s a wrong policy, it’s a discriminatory policy.

Pelosi went on to say that she thinks at the very least the House should put a moratorium on discharges this year, pending complete repeal. The entire back and forth on DADT and ENDA was around five minutes long. You can listen to it via the small YouTube on the upper left – it’s audio only, they didn’t permit video. (The audio starts softly as I was approaching Pelosi after the meeting, it gets louder as we go on.)

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