Surprise! Barney tries/fails to backtrack on criticism of Obama. Now says White House is ‘ambiguous’ about whether it wants DADT repealed this year.

UPDATE: Barney has clarified, again. And this time, he’s calling on the White House to publicly state their support for the legislative repeal of DADT this year.

Earlier today we learned that Barney had told Kerry Eleveld that the White House didn’t want DADT repealed this year. Now he’s backing off. Or is he? Here’s what Barney told Kerry on Friday:

When I noted that the White House has failed to designate the defense authorization bill over a stand-alone bill as its preferred method for repealing the policy, Frank responded, “That’s because they don’t want it done this year, not because they want it done separately.”

Here is what Barney is claiming today – hardly a retraction:

[Rep. Barney] Frank said that the White House has been “ambiguous” about its desire to see the policy repealed this year but did not say they are openly against it like he believes the Pentagon is.

“I wish the White House was more adamant,” he said. “I’m still waiting for the White House to speak out.

“When people say that they want to implement a change, their answer should be that they want to pass the bill.”

Okay, so now Barney is telling us that the White House is “ambiguous” about its desire to see DADT repealed this year. And that’s better somehow.

Fierce Ambiguous Advocate.

Barney expects us to believe that when he told Kerry Eleveld that the White House won’t talk to him about whether to put DADT repeal in the Defense Authorization bill, or to have it brought up as an amendment on the Senate floor, they refused to do so because the Pentagon doesn’t want it repealed this year. So, that still means that the White House isn’t helping us get DADT repealed this year because the Pentagon is opposed. So how is that ambiguous?

Either way, Barney’s “clarification” confirms that the White House has caved on Obama’s promise in the State of the Union.

This also confirms that there is no plan to move forward, which is what HRC has repeatedly claimed.

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