VIDEO: Lt Dan Choi marches to White House & handcuffs self to fence


Lt Dan Choi and Capt James Pietrangelo led a crowd of several hundred supporters from Freedom Plaza in downtown Washington, DC to the White House, where both men handcuffed themselves to the north fence to protest the President’s inaction on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Congressman Barney Frank disclosed this week that the White House is “ambiguous” on whether to repeal DADT this year, and Frank called on the White House to make their support for the repeal clear.

Choi is being discharged for being gay and Pietrangelo was already discharged for being gay in 2004. They were coming from an HRC rally with Kathy Griffin – Griffin and HRC president Joe Solmonese were invited to attend, but they ignored Choi when he asked them to march with him. In this video you’ll see Choi and Pietrangelo marching with the crowd past the Treasury building to the White House, you’ll then see Choi and PIetrangelo speak then handcuff themselves to the White House fence, then you’ll see Robin McGehee of – the group that organized the event, and sit-ins in Speaker Pelosi’s DC and SF offices, get arrested.

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