Another Obama apologist sees the light

This is rather fascinating. This guy has written some horrible pieces defending Obama on gay rights issues in the past. Seems he’s had enough.

Like hospital visitation, don’t ask, don’t tell isn’t a gay rights issue, it’s a human rights issue. What is happening under your watch is no different from the times when black entertainers such as Gladys Knight or Otis Redding were not allowed to eat at the restaurants where they performed.

The cynic in me believes Thursday’s memo is just a crumb to quiet the gay community’s rumbling. The optimist in me still has the audacity to hope Washington hasn’t changed you.

During your first State of the Union you suggested your job isn’t to get re-elected but to do the right thing. The day before the health care reform vote, you quoted President Lincoln: “I am not bound to win but I am bound to be true.” I am asking you to be true. Not just true to the words you said on the campaign trail, but true to the greater sense of right and wrong we all believed guided your decision-making.

The sense of right and wrong whenever you look into your daughters’ eyes, or Michelle’s. You would not compromise your ethics to their detriment. Please sir, do not make the well-being of soldiers and their families politicized and a presumed second-term issue. Dignity should not have to wait for poll results. Especially for our soldiers.

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