Barney Frank says Obama is not for DADT repeal this year, Frank is ‘frustrated, disappointed’ with President, Obama’s lack of support is ‘a problem’

This confirms everything we’ve been saying for over a year now. HRC President Joe Solmonese promised that DADT would be repealed this year. He promised that there was a plan, and the White House is following through on the plan. Now we hear that the President isn’t for repeal this year, and that Barney Frank is frustrated and disappointed with the administration on DADT. This is really terrible news. It means the White House has turned its back on its own promises to our community.

Remember, we are in serious danger of losing the House this November. If we don’t get ENDA and DADT this year (not to mention DOMA and everything else), then we may not be getting it for years and years to come.

Heckuva job, Messina.

I also asked Frank about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the effort to repeal that this year. Frank said:

I’m frustrated. I’m disappointed with the administration, in part. There have been some good things. Admiral Mullen saying what he said was spectacular. And enforcing it the way it was originally supposed to – even though I didn’t like it – discharges can be cut by over 90 percent.

But there will be a vote in the House. Rep. Patrick Murphy is going to offer his amendment. I think we’ll pass it in the House and then in the Senate – I’m told by some of the Senate leadership that they don’t think they have the votes to repeal it. People ought to talk to Sen. Carl Levin, he’s the key guy who’s our great ally.”

I asked about the lack of leadership from President Obama on getting a bill to repeal DADT this year. Frank said:

His not being for it will give people an excuse to not vote for it. Thing is – we’ve done hate crimes. We do ENDA. It’s a big agenda all at once. At this point – the President’s refusal to call for repeal this year is a problem.

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