Hill revolt over White House DADT strategy is growing

David Mixner followed up on a Denver Post story that Joe posted on Wednesday. The story said that Democrats in the House and Senate are basically fed up with the White House’s unwillingness to keep its promise to repeal DADT this year. David called around to his contacts on the Hill and found that even more House and Senate offices have had it with the White House’s inaction:

With that story, I have spent the day visiting on the phone with extremely reliable sources on Capitol Hill in both the Senate and House. With over twenty calls, I have been able to determine that the revolt is perhaps much larger than the media realizes. There is a sense of total frustration with the administration. They just don’t understand why the White House won’t move on this issue. Many of persons on the Hill that I spoke too are from states with large urban populations, including in the South. They feel the failure to vote this year on DADT will have a ‘chilling effect’ regarding voter turn out in the Fall elections. Those interviewed think that not only will many LGBT citizens stay home but also other progressives.

One high ranking staffer said, “We are going to get creamed in our district since we need the gay vote. It is just only a matter of time that what is happening to Pelosi in San Fran works it way down to our districts. We don’t f’g need it. For God sakes, lets get this out of the way.” An elected official in DC told me, “If the President digs in, he then guarantees that the debate will be ugly and divisive. I am really concerned about their intransigence.” Another Chief of Staff confided to me that this is a ‘huge mistake’ since it was the President himself that set the expectations.

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