Jim Messina, the guy making a mess of DADT at the White House, loves the way HRC lobbies

The Washington Post just wrote a puff piece about HRC President Joe Solmonese in which Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina is asked how he likes HRC’s lobbying. Mind you, Messina is the point man on gay politics at the White House, and he’s the guy who routinely lectures our national groups in secret meetings about how the White House isn’t going to repeal DADT this year. So, you’d imagine our surprise when one of our community’s biggest impediments in the White House just loves the way HRC is lobbying him.

Jim Messina is the White House deputy chief of staff. He calls the notion that Solmonese should be calling for picket lines “bull[expletive].”

“I’ve been in Washington 15 years and have seen many different organizations, and I would rate Joe and the HRC as one of the top,” he says. “He’s been helpful in working for a shared agenda, and been honest when he disagrees, and that’s what you want — someone who gets things done and tells you when he disagrees.”

When the guy who is a big part of the problem loves the way you’re lobbying him, that doesn’t bode well for HRC, or us.

PS Big surprise, Solmonese accuses all of you of being politically naive, again. It’s a common refrain from Joe. And a rather condescending, and inappropriate, position for HRC to be taking against the growing list of politicos in town who are not impressed with either Solmonese or the organization’s work of late. Politically naive would be an organization that thinks zero for three on DADT, ENDA and DOMA is a great record of success.

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