SecDef Gates writes ‘strongly worded’ letter opposing DADT repeal this year

Just who is the Commander in Chief anyway?

Not to mention, it’s nice for Gates to try to torpedo the President, who promised to repeal DADT this year, but his argument, that they need to study before the repeal, totally ignores what the legislation actually does. It doesn’t repeal immediately at all. It’s easy to make sure that the implementation of the repeal doesn’t happen until after the DOD study is completed. But Gates never addresses that point. Then again, Barack Obama doesn’t either.

Here’s the letter from Gates:
Letter from Sec. Gates to Chairman Skelton on DADT
And, don’t think this wasn’t coreographed. The House Chair of Armed Services, Ike Skelton, who opposes repeal of DADT, asked for the letter:
Letter from Sec. Gates to Chairman Skelton on DADT

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