Webb to vote no on DADT compromise, blames WH and Gates statements that, he says, told him to vote no

This statement from Democratic Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) is FUBAR beyond all belief. Webb has interpreted the White House and Pentagon statements in support of the DADT compromise as actually being statements OPPOSED to the compromise. Of course, one can’t totally blame Webb, as the statements from both the White House and the Pentagon both sure sound like they want members of Congress to vote NO.

Here is Webb’s statement:

“Secretary of Defense Gates and Admiral Mullen have laid out a specific and responsible plan to examine the current ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy in a manner that includes a comprehensive survey of those wearing the uniform. The White House and Secretary Gates both said today that, ideally, the Defense Department should complete this review before legislative action is taken. There is no question that a review of the policy is necessary and important. I see no reason for the political process to pre-empt it.”

So has the President called Webb to let him know that isn’t what the White House meant? Has the Secretary of Defense called Webb to explain? What was the White House thinking when they issued a statement of support for the legislation that started by expressing the wish that nothing be voted on this year? Did they really think no members of Congress would get the hint?

The White House permitted Gates to, yet again, roll the President of the United States of America, while the President tried, yet again, to stake out a position, but then not really own, defend, or promote the position. And, as always the result is one big disaster.

Not a terribly inspiring message for gay and lesbian voters as we roll into November.

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