Scientist tells ‘Christian homophobes’ to stop misusing his research

Alvin McEwen adds to his long list of scientists and researchers who want the anti-gay industry to stop misconstruing their research:

Yet another researcher is accusing religious right groups of misusing his work.

John Horgan, a science journalist and Director of the Center for Science Writings at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, yesterday published an article in Scientific American calling various religious right groups to task for what he says is a distortion of his work.

Hogan’s article is titled: Queer notions: How Christian homophobes misuse my “gay gene” report.

This is a pattern among homophobes. Alvin documents ten other examples of legitimate researchers who have complained about this right-wing tactic. This is especially important now:

In light of the Prop 8 decision last week and lawyer David Boies’s eloquently put take down of religious right head Tony Perkins on Face the Nation about how religious right groups deal in fear and phony data regarding the lgbt community, these complaints of scientific inaccuracies need to be brought out to a wider audience.

Remember that it is these groups which the news media legitimizes by pushing them as the “pro-family” opposition without making people aware of their history of duplicity when it comes to lgbt research.

We need to understand that religious right groups and spokespeople don’t deal with concrete ideas, but abstract illusions.

So, the homophobes push junk science and lie about real research. They’ve got nothing except their homophobia. We just need the traditional media types to understand that.

Last week on Hardball
, Chris Matthews seemed to figure out that Wendy Wright from Concerned Women for America was a homophobe. He told her it sounds like you’ve a real problem with the gay orientation of people. That’s true. She’s got no other argument.

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