Carly Fiorina defends her bigoted position on marriage equality by quoting Obama

Got news for Jim Messina over at the White House, you have a problem. Your boss decided to conveniently flip-flop on marriage equality (he was for it in 1996, then gradually moved against it when running for federal office). And now every single Republican, and religious right leader, is quoting Barack Obama when they want to justify their bigotry on marriage. While the White House has dilly-dallied with how to repeal DADT without really repealing it, and while they’ve run from lifting a finger on either ENDA or DOMA, marriage has catapulted to the forefront of gay America’s demands for full participation in the American dream.

The White House – that would be you, Messina – needs to put a stop to the the right-wing’s use of President Obama as the new mascot for bigotry. It’s time the President came clean on where he really stands on marriage. If he’s truly against it, then gay voters and our allies deserve to know that he actually does stand with Carly Fiorina and the same bigots who wouldn’t let his own parents marry fifty years ago.

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