I’ve set up Facebook Fan pages for AMERICAblog Gay & AMERICAblog

AMERICAblog Gay Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/AMERICAblogGay

AMERICAblog Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/AMERICAblog

They’re more than “fan” pages, and in fact Facebook doesn’t even call them that anymore. In the case of a blog, they’re an another online venue in which we can gather and organize our readers. They also help us better share our writing around the Web. With Facebook, it’s ridiculously easy for you to indicate that you like, or recommend, a particular blog post (just click the “like” button below the title of the post on this page, or on the Facebook fan page, click the “like” button beneath the post itself. By clicking like, there will then be a short mention in your Facebook feed that you “liked” that particular blog post, helping us spread the article to others. There’s a lot more we can do as well.

So, if the spirit moves you, please use the box at the top of the next column to the right to indicate that you “like” the blog (or go over to AMERICAblog and do the same with its Facebook Fan box at the top of the page). Then when you see a particular blog post that you think should get larger distribution, click the “like” button. It’s that easy.

PS Soon I will no longer be feeding our blog posts to my own Facebook “page” or my personal page, so if you want our blog feed on Facebook, click the “like” button at the top of the next column, on the fan pages themselves. Thanks!

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