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Rachel Maddow reacts to the Senate vote to not even debate the Defense authorization bill. Later, on her show, she had video of Joe Biden telling her the reason the Obama Administration continued to allow servicemen to be kicked out of the military for being in violation of DADT was it was part of a compromise with Republicans to ensure they would vote with them on the Defense authorization bill. Time for that Executive “Stop Loss” Order, President Obama, or a harsh statement from your Attorney General Holder that the unconstitutional policy will not be defended in court. This kind of compromising with the enemy is making Obama a laughing stock or proving he doesn’t believe in the change he supposedly espoused. Continuously compromising with the other side in bad faith makes no sense whatsoever. The only sensible response from the Obama Administration is to hit back hard and show he is no longer willing to play games with Republican enemies, or he is in danger of permanently losing his young progressive base over the continued perceived weakness and sideshow.

For a group of people who pride themselves from learning from the mistakes of the Clinton Administration, maybe they should look into the not so recent past and ask themselves if they want to go out like the Carter Administration? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Carter but part of the reason he lost his second term was perception he didn’t know how to work effectively with congress. This kind of political circus doesn’t help Obama’s reputation with anyone.

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