The NOM Hate Bus is on the road again — in California for Fiorina

This fall, the NOM Hate Bus has a new theme “Vota Tus Valores.” The goal is to rally anti-marriage supporters to support Carly Fiorina’s Senate campaign. At the NOM Tour Tracker, Adam Bink explains:

So I got a phone call last week from Eden [James from the Courage Campaign] telling me about this new National Organization for Marriage-backed “Vota Tus Valores” tour across California in support of Carly Fiorina’s campaign for U.S. Senate, aiming to glorify Fiorina’s opposition to the freedom to marry, among other right-wing positions. The tour is sponsored by NOM, the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, American Principles in Action and the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List, and it kicks off today for a 10-day tour across California.

Eden said Courage was again planning to cover NOM at every stop, exposing the same hate we saw on their “Summer for Marriage” tour. For those who are new to P8TT, I had the pleasure of managing the blog during that tour coverage — which we called “NOM Tour Tracker” — and he asked if I’d be up for a second tour of duty.

Day 1’s report is here.

NOM’s summer tour was a major failure. And, there are two factors that make me think this one will be, too: 1) Latino voters are giving Barbara Boxer the lead over Fiorina in the latest polling:

In the race for U.S. Senate, Latino likely voters favor Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer by an even larger margin, 66% for Boxer to 26% for Republican Carly Fiorina, and 8% undecided. Once again, this 40-point margin among Latinos provides Boxer with all 8 points of her 51% to 43% lead statewide. Among non-Latinos in the U.S. Senate race, 47% favor Boxer, 47% Fiorina, and 6% undecided.

2) Latino Catholics in California are among the strongest supporters of marriage equality:

Really interesting info. in a recent poll on same-sex marriage, which was released this week. Latino Catholics are actually very supportive of marriage. That certainly runs counter to conventional wisdom. But, family matters:

Have Latino Catholics become the most progressive political group supporting gay rights in the U.S.? The casual observer of culture often perceives that Latino Catholics are one of the most conservative groups regarding family values and faith. Yet the Public Religion Research Institute’s July 21, 2010, report on “Religion and Same-Sex Marriage in California” found that Latino Catholics stand in sharp in contrast to many sectors of American public, especially Latino Protestants, illustrating the sharp effect of religion on Latino attitudes towards homosexuality and civil and human rights for the gay community. Regarding Latino Catholics the report, based on June 2010 polling of 3,351 California adults with oversamples for Latinos, highlights these two social dynamics:

• 57% of Latino Catholics would vote for the legalization of same-sex marriage compared to 22% of Latino Protestants

So, it seems like many California Latinos are planning to vote their values — and are rejecting Fiorina and her hateful allies.

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