Bronx gay bashing update: 4th gang member cleared

Update on Horrific story: NYC man tortured as punishment ‘for being gay.’

Four of the eleven gang members accused in the attack have been cleared and released due to lack of evidence. The victim’s family, of course, is furious.

Dennis Piters, 17, became the latest teen freed from jail yesterday after the District Attorney’s Office admitted there was “insufficient evidence” against him.

“How can they let them go after what happened to these poor people?” said a cousin of a 30-year-old gay man who, with two 17-year-olds, was viciously beaten and violated inside a dilapidated apartment in Morris Heights.

“Their friends sodomized them with a damn stick. These guys should be held responsible for the parts they played that day,” the relative said. Let go Tuesday were Bryan Almonte,17, Steven Carabello, 17, and Brian Cepeda, 17.

Let’s hope better justice is served to the rest of the Latin King Goonies involved in this hate crime.

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