Three Teens Charged In Anti-Gay Attack

Horrible, the attacks occurred TO AND FROM school, but glad a semblance of justice is hopefully in the process of being served.

MINEOLA, N.Y. — Three teenagers beat and slapped a younger boy during bus rides to and from school this week because they suspected he was gay, and two of them taunted him about it, police on New York’s Long Island said Thursday.

David Spencer, 18, and Roy Wilson, 16, were arraigned Thursday in Nassau County Court in Hempstead. Bail was set at $1,000 for Spencer and $500 for Wilson. They were represented by attorneys from Legal Aid, which does not comment on pending cases. A third co-defendant, 16-year-old Chase Morrison, will be arraigned Friday; the name of his attorney was not immediately available.

Morrison and Spencer were charged by police with felony assault and aggravated harassment, the latter charge stemming from alleged anti-gay epithets uttered during the attacks, police said. Wilson was charged only with assault because police said there was no evidence that he made any anti-gay slurs.

The more times homophobes are successfully prosecuted for their behavior, the more loud and clear the message will be that society will not tolerate their assaults against our humanity. We have to protect our young LGBT kids because no one else seems to be stepping up, and we’ve “got to give them hope.”

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