Known ‘hate group’ met with Pentagon’s DADT working group and White House officials

I’m sure I don’t need to explain how odd it would be for Barack Obama’s administration to be conducting meetings with a known hate group.  Let alone letting that known hate group influence Pentagon policy on, of all things, a national security decision affecting civil rights.  Yet, that is in fact what the Pentagon did.  (And in fact, the White House has also met at least once with representatives of the hate group.)

Fortunately for the President, the group in question, the Family Research Council, had not yet officially been designated a ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center, “the” national organization, and revered civil rights organization, that tracks such extremists.

But now that SPLC has officially designated the Family Research Council a hate group – and SPLC’s list of hate groups includes the Klan and white supremacists – will the White House, and the Obama administration overall, continue to invite the hate group’s representatives to official meetings?

CWA was joined by representatives from Family Research Council, Christian Medical Association, and pro-life pregnancy crisis group Care Net at the White House meeting.”

And what does Secretary Gates plan to do to fix the poisonous influence a hate group had on the Pentagon’s DADT working group?

In 2010, Mr. Maginnis [who works for FRC] participated in meetings and telephone conferences with the Pentagon’s CRWG and provided the group materials produced by the 1993 Military Working Group.

(SPLC has also now designated the American Family Association as a hate group.)

As an aside, the Washington Post has some explaining to do, since they let this hate group write an op ed for the paper.

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