Senate goes home for Thanksgiving a week early

Must be nice.

It’s still not clear that the Senate will have the time needed to pass the Defense Authorization bill with the DADT compromise included, regardless of what Senator Reid said, but hey, it’s November 18, and in Congress-land, that’s the first day of Thanksgiving. While most Americans celebrate just one day of Thanksgiving, the US Senate celebrates 11 days. One for each Democratic constituency that will be screwed by the fact that there “won’t be enough time” to win on all of their issues by the day the Senate leaves for Christmas vacation, December 10.  Which is understandable, since most Americans begin their Christmas vacation on December 10.

The members of Congress are tired.  They’re beaten down after a bad election.  I get it.  And I’m tired of being a second class citizen.  In the grand scheme of who’s been more screwed, I think my people win.

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