Third Way co-chair blames DADT for Dem electoral loss – so what was Third Way doing at White House DADT meetings?

Talk about a fox in the hen house.

What was an organization that isn’t a gay group, doesn’t have a constituency, and whose own co-chair has the nerve to now blame DADT for causing the Democrats’ electoral losses last night, doing at White House strategy meetings on DADT?

Why not just invite Tony Perkins too?

Either Third Way is with us or they’re not (and they’re almost always not – two other Third Way co-chairs, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, voted against DADT).  People who oppose our issues don’t get to attend our most secret strategy meetings and then go public in the NYT blasting us – or, clearly they do.

Whose bright idea was it to invite the enemy to our planning meetings?

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