WSJ: DADT repeal ‘all but lost’

More confirmation that the Democrats are selling us out. The betrayal is pretty complete at this point. No DADT. No ENDA. NO DOMA. I really hate being right about these things, but Joe and I predicted this was going to happen, but HRC and the apologists told you they knew better.


The drive in Congress to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy appears all but lost for the foreseeable future, with action unlikely this year and even less likely once Republicans take charge of the House in January.

Sens. Carl Levin of Michigan and John McCain of Arizona, the top Democrat and Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, are in talks on stripping the proposed repeal and other controversial provisions from a broader defense bill, leaving the repeal with no legislative vehicle to carry it.

Failure to act on the policy would heighten tensions between the White House and its supporters in the gay community, many of whom hoped Mr. Obama would have accomplished far more on their agenda by now.

“What has been particularly surprising to me is how broadly the disappointment is felt. It’s as if people feel more betrayed than just let down,” said Mr. Socarides.

Unbelievable, yet totally expected.

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