Flashback to 2008: FRC’s Sprigg: ‘we think homosexuality is destructive to society’

This morning, I posted a video of a CNN debate between Servicemember United’s Alex Nicholson and Peter Sprigg, from the hate group, Family Research Council. Alex always does an excellent job. But, I think we need a new rule that no LGBT advocate should ever have to sit next to anyone from a hate group. As we’ve seen from the Prop. 8 trial and the DADT debate, the only thing the other side has is its hatred and homophobia. It’s hard to understand why haters even get a platform on the non-FOX cable networks.

Jeremy Hooper sent me this classic video of Sprigg stating that he’d “much prefer to export homosexuals from the United States than import them into the United States because we think homosexuality is destructive to society.” Sprigg and his ilk are so outside of the mainstream, their nothing but extreme. And, this wasn’t some statement dredged up from the 70s. He said it on March 19, 2008. If the traditional news types need an example of why FRC has been designated a hate group, watch this:

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