Keith Olbermann leaves MSNBC – sounds like he was fired

UPDATE: I’ve created a petition for folks to stand with Keith. I’m not usually a petition fan, but this deserves one. The message is simple: I stand with Keith.

Keith says he was told “this is going to be the last edition of your show.” Here’s the rather curt statement from MSNBC.

Wow. Not a smart move by MSNBC. More than a few folks on Twitter, and elsewhere, are noting the interesting coincidence of Comcast being given approval to take over NBC just three days ago. Rather interesting timing. It’s also interesting that the Republicans take over the House and suddenly Keith is gone – perhaps MSNBC has decided it wants more conservatives, or at least to lose its fiercest liberals.

If I were CNN, I’d hire him fast. This is the kind of energy and intellect CNN needs in its evening shows (not that it doesn’t have some good talent). But Olbermann knows TV. And he’s no Glenn Beck, but at the same time is a perfect counterpoint to the Becks of the world.

Here is Keith’s goodbye from MSNBC.

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