Gingrich hints that Obama should be impeached over DOMA, then when called on it backs off like a big adulterous chicken

In addition to being an adulterer and a serial divorcé, Gingrich is also increasingly a liar.

He knows full well that all recent presidents, Republican and Democrat, have refused to be defend some law or another in court (I just got an example emailed to me of Bush refusing to defend a law in court, will write it up for a future post), since that is the president’s right and, as Joe pointed out earlier, the law even provides for Congress to step in and defend such cases, if it so chooses, if and when the president steps aside.

What bothers me isn’t that Gingrich is pandering to bigots. The man’s own sister is a lesbian, and he couldn’t care less – so no surprises here.  No, what troubles me is that Gingrich, who I’ve always thought a rather brilliant man (way too far right for anyone’s own good, but still an incredibly sharp mind) has now relegated himself to lying, a lot.

You expect stupid people like Palin and Bachmann to lie – what else do they have going for them, they can’t construe a rational argument on their own – but Gingrich? He has the intellect to win an argument on its merits, he doesn’t need to lie. But lately, that’s all he does.  Perhaps he no longer trusts the merits of his convictions, changing them as often as he does wives.

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