Serial abuser retires Navy with full pay, gay DADT victims not so lucky

Apparently the gays’ only mistake was not abusing up to 90 fellow service members.

This is despicable. While gay and lesbians service members discharged under DADT are often forced to pay back the cost of their training and scholarships, and also run the risk of having their retirement pay docked to the tune of 50%, straight guys who abuse over 90 fellow service members aren’t penalized at all.

The abuses allegedly took place in 2005 and 2006. A 2007 command-level investigation, conducted after Toussaint left, documented more than 90 instances of hazing and abuse of junior personnel. Sailors told investigators that, among other things, they were hog-tied to chairs, instructed to act like dogs, ordered to simulate homosexual oral sex on tape, and forced to eat dog biscuits and get inside dirty kennels.

Why? You see, the Navy tells us, you have to look at the entirety of his career, rather than the two years that he was abusing over 90 fellow service members. Here’s the Navy’s excuse:

A Navy senior chief petty officer censured over hazing and other serious abuses that allegedly took place under his leadership at a military working-dog kennel in Bahrain will retire with an honorable discharge and without a reduction in pay grade, the Navy said Thursday.

“However, when looking at his career in its entirety, I have determined that his conduct did not rise to a level sufficient to warrant retirement in a pay grade less than E-8,” the statement said, using the military’s abbreviation for Toussaint’s pay rate.

Yet, when gays are kicked out the Navy, DOD, and apparently the White House, have no interest in looking at their entire careers. When the gays are kicked out, many of them have their pay docked and are forced to repay up to $100,000. And when we ask why: silence in return.

And don’t for a minute think that the DADT “repeal” changed anything. The administration is STILL demanding that gay victims of DADT pay back tens of thousands of dollars – still. You’d think the White House would have put a stop to this by now. You’d think wrong.

Then again, the Navy always was kind of partial to sexual harassment (Tailhook, anyone?), as has DOD at large, thus the reason a group of female and male vets are suing DOD for letting servicemen get away with rape and other abuses.

If you haven’t already, join the over 5,000 people who have signed our open letter to DOD demanding they stop sending bill collectors after gay DADT victims.

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