Joyce Arnold on Disrobing Homophobes, like Dan Ramos from Bexar County, Texas

Over the weekend, Joyce Arnold wrote an excellent post in her weekly column over at This one is titled, Homophobes Disrobe:

Anyone aware of Romanovsky & Phillips’ classic, Homophobes in Robes, (1994) will recognize my take-off on that song with “Homophobes Disrobe.” In their song, the “homophobes in robes” are 1) the Pope; 2) the KKK; and 3) the U.S. Supreme Court.

More broadly, “homophobes” have a tendency to “disrobe” themselves in the sense of revealing the negativity which is hidden beneath their figurative robes of respectability.

I’m finding that these weekly posts by Joyce are becoming must read.

And, I had not read the words of one of the real up-and-coming homophobes, Dan Ramos:

Bexar County, Texas, Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos does not employ subtlety. In an interview with the San Antonio Current, Ramos basically just ripped off the robe.

I liken [Stonewall Democrats] to the Tea Party — the Tea Party and the fucking Nazi Party — because they’re 90 percent white, blue-eyed, and Anglo, and I don’t give a shit who knows that. That’s the truth. Just like the blacks, they’re strong. And there’s nothing wrong — they’re Americans — but you can’t get your way just because you’re black.

The Current continues:

When asked if race or sexual orientation were more a cause of concern for him, Ramos responded: ‘I go back to an old very well-used slogan: blacks wanted to get their way because they were black. What it is, is we have a very, very sinister movement in which you don’t know, at the end of the day, you didn’t even know that your next door buddy, your bosom fishing buddy was gay. That, I guess, goes to my belief in the religious thing. Look: this is not natural. This is like a kid who was born with a polio leg, you can’t kill him and you can’t sweep him under the rug.’

At a press conference on Friday, March 17, a few days after the initial comments, Ramos seemed intent on removing another protective layer. Via Dallas Voice:

Sam Sanchez of was at the press conference and reports that rather than resigning, Ramos said BOLD gays are like ‘white termites who have infiltrated the party much like termites infiltrate your house’.

You know, I don’t remember ever being called a “termite” before, so points for originality.

Yeah, termites. Who knew?

There have been lots of calls for Ramos to resign. So far, he’s still the Democratic Party Chair of Bexar County.

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