Navy decides NOT to discharge gay sailor

Joe and I just sent out the following update to our email list about yesterday’s action to help a gay sailor who was almost kicked out under DADT today. Great news.


Derek Morado — who was faced with discharge even though we were “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was history — just telephoned GetEQUAL to let them know he won his battle to stay in the military today.

Thank you to the thousands who signed our petition on behalf of Derek over the past 24 hours. We sent your names to Derek this morning right before he went into his hearing, so in a very real way you were there with him.

According to Derek, all three members of the hearing board voted to retain him in the military — an incredible result.

Derek gets the lion’s share of the credit for today’s victory, but I really believe each and every one of you who joined AMERICAblog and GetEQUAL in this action played a role, and you should be proud.

Please share this success with your friends — and encourage them to join us in our effective activism.

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Victory! Navy will not discharge sailor under DADT. Join our action ntwk & join the fight: @americablog

There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we work together. Thanks so much, and congratulations again,

John Aravosis, Editor of AMERICAblog
Joe Sudbay, Deputy Editor of AMERICAblog

P.S. You can read some background on Derek’s story here.

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