Raging question in Annapolis: What happened to Sam Arora’s support for marriage?

UPDATE: Arora pulls name from Marriage Equality in 2012 as well.

NOTE FROM JOHN: Please take action via the contact info we post below. This man is on the verge of killing marriage in Maryland.

Last year, when Sam Arora was a candidate for delegate in Maryland, he wanted the endorsement of Equality Maryland. He filled out the questionnaire, which we’ve posted below. Check it out. Arora even added an impassioned addendum. He also did an in-person interview with Equality Maryland. From every indication, he was a strong supporter of LGBT equality, including marriage. In the general election, Arora got the endorsement of Equality Maryland.

Arora was an ally — until the past week.

Now, despite all of Arora’s previous commitments and his sponsorship of the marriage bill (Maryland HB 175), we can no longer count on Arora’s support when the bill gets to the House floor. This was first reportedy last night by Julie Bykowicz of the Baltimore Sun. It’s still a problem. A short time ago, I was told by a trusted source that Arora has still not confirmed publicly that he will vote for the marriage bill on the House floor.

Let’s just say, this has been a stunning development for people close to the issue. Only lately, like in the past week, have advocates in Annapolis heard Arora talk about deeply held religious beliefs that could impact his vote. No one knows for sure, except him.

Sam Arora has spent a lot of time in politics. He has a lot of friends in DC. The fact that he may not honor his previous commitment is a shocker to many. That’s evident by a number of tweets mentioning @Sam_Arora today.

Arora is writing his political future. This will be an historic vote. Will he be on the right side of history?

If you know Sam Arora or live in his district, contact him. The contact info. is here:

Twitter: @Sam_Arora
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sam-Arora/334183772314
(410) 841-3528, (301) 858-3528
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3528 (toll free)
e-mail: [email protected]
fax: (410) 841-3011, (410) 841-3528, (301) 858-3528, (240) 245-0018

Here’s the questionnaire on marriage.

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