Obama Sup. Ct pick Kagan weighs in on DOMA brief controversy, risking recusal from case, which may doom us

I don’t know what the Obama administration is thinking. But don’t think for a minute that it’s a mere coincidence that Obama Attorney General Eric Holder unusually speaks out about a gay rights issue, only to blast the gays and defend a far-right Republican bigot for profit, then the White House unusually speaks out clearly on a gay rights issue, again only to agree with Holder that gay civil rights advocates are akin to bigots, and then President Obama’s appointee on the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, unusually speaks out in defense of the Republican bigot for profit.

First, Holder would never have said a word if he didn’t get the okay from the White House first. The man never speaks out on gay issues, and he knows clear well that DOMA has been a thorn in the side of this administration for two years. For a cabinet secretary to weigh in publicly, and help alienate the gay community once again from the Obama administration, did not happen without prior permission from the senior levels of the White House. How do we know this? Because the White House immediately and publicly embraced Holder’s remarks. They wouldn’t have done that, they would have demurred, even slightly, had Holder’s remarks been a broadside. Rather, they must have been part of some larger White House strategy, likely to be nice to Republicans in the hopes that Republicans would return the favor – as if. And now, a Supreme Court justice speaks out publicly in defense of the far right bigot for profit on a case that may very likely come before her. I don’t see how Kagan hasn’t created a conflict of interest for herself in the case.

Seriously, what kind of moron speaks out on a case that she knows clear well may be coming before her?

Is it possible Kagan did this all on her own? Possible, but highly suspect. And even if she did do this without prodding from the administration that got her her current job, surely Holder’s and the White House’s comments enabled Kagan’s intervention.

So if Kagan has to recuse herself from the DOMA case, that means we may well lose one liberal vote, which means we may well lose the case, and we may have to deal with DOMA for decades to come, all because our President chose to side with a bigot over the gays, yet again.

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