AMWAY founder injects homophobic dollars into same-sex marriage battle

AMWAY co-founder, Richard DeVos, is starting to get more attention for throwing money around to destroy public schools, but he is also quite involved in using his billions achieved through AMWAY to attack gay marriage.

Richard DeVos’ comments about gay marriage in yesterday’s front-page story have become the subject of much debate, though they’re hardly surprising to anybody familiar with his family’s involvement in politics over the years.

Last year, DeVos gave $100,000 to a group called Florida4Marriage (now Yes2Marriage) in support of a Florida state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The ballot issue was less publicized on a national level than California’s Proposition 8, but passed in the November election by a wide margin.

The group employed tactics such as furnishing Florida ministers with sample sermons as part of what it called “Marriage Sunday” leading up to the vote. DeVos’ $100,000 comprised about 15 percent of the group’s funding. His contribution led to protests in front of Amway Arena, where the DeVos-owned Orlando Magic play.

The Grand Rapids press also ran this article detailing the incredible amount of money the DeVos family has spent to deny fellow Americans their civil rights.

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