FedEx tries to distance self from TN hate vote, pretends they’re simply a “member” of chamber

FedEx would like to you believe that they’re simply a member of the TN Chamber of Commerce, and gosh, they can’t be responsible for everything an organization does that they’re only a member. Here is FedEx’s statement, then an analysis:

FedEx values and promotes the unique contributions, perspectives, and differences of our team members worldwide. FedEx does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

FedEx did not lobby for SB632/HB600 – it is our policy not to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. While FedEx is a member of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, we do not support every position proposed by the Chamber.

Cute. You’re not just a member. You’re on the board of directors. That’s a far cry from being just a member who isn’t up on what’s taking place.

The only time FedEx spoke up about this legislation is after we caught them and exposed them. Now suddenly they’re all pro-diversity.

But let’s take FedEx at its word. Let’s just assume that FedEx had no idea what an organization that they’re on the board of is even doing in their name. Now that they know, what does FedEx plan on doing about it? Hell, what is FedEx’s position on the legislation – you’ll note that their statement doesn’t say one way or the other. Does FedEx plan on telling the Governor to veto this legislation?

And finally, if I were a member of a group that repealed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I’d resign. Spare us the “gosh, we can’t agree with everything the organization does.” Repealing civil rights laws is not some arcane policy choice. It’s hateful bigotry. Take a stand FedEx, the world is watching.

Please sign our open letter calling on all of these companies to tell the governor to veto the bill.

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