Pro-Marriage GOPer in NY Assembly has message for fellow Republicans

New York Assembly member Janet Duprey has an op-ed in today’s Albany Times-Union with a message for her fellow GOPers on marriage. Let’s hope some of the GOP Senators read it and heed it:

I did not lose my election because of my stand. Neither has any of the 72 Republican legislators who have voted for the freedom to marry. That is because no election is decided on a single issue. I ran on my entire record, including my vote for marriage for everyone. The vast majority of my North Country constituents respected my decision, whether they agreed with me or not.

I won re-election last November with 60 percent of the vote against two opponents. My nearest competitor received only 25 percent of the vote. And I defeated my other opponent, who challenged me because of my same-sex marriage vote, by almost a four-to-one margin.

Public sentiment is changing. Some polls show a strong majority of New Yorkers support marriage equality. My re-election demonstrates that even elected officials can have a change of heart and not lose public support.

It is a decision that does not come easily. But I’m hopeful as the marriage debate moves forward, others can learn from my experiences, search their hearts as I did, and do the right thing.

The New York Legislature is expected to adjourn on June 20th. That’s in three weeks.

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