“Progressive” Christian magazine/group Soujourners censors pro-gay religious ad. Says doesn’t want to “take sides.”

Judas didn’t want to take sides either.

Sojourners reportedly didn’t want to “take sides” on whether gay people should be permitted in church.


More from Queerty:

Rev. Robert Chase, Founding Director of Intersections International the organization behind Believe Out Loud explained Sojourners’ slippery rationale:

Sojourners said, “I’m afraid we’ll have to decline. Sojourners position is to avoid taking sides on this issue. In that care [sic], the decision to accept advertising may give the appearance of taking sides.”

I called the folks at Sojourners and asked what the problem was, what the “sides” in question might be. The first response was that Sojourners has not taken a stance on gay marriage (the ad is not about gay marriage); or on ordination of homosexuals (the ad is about welcome, not ordination); that the decision, made by “the folks in executive” (why such a high level decision?) was made quickly because of the Mother’s Day deadline. The rationale kept shifting. The reasoning made no sense.

I remember first hearing about Sojourners when I worked for Marian Wright Edelman at the Children’s Defense Fund. Everyone at CDF had great respect for the magazine and the organization. Now we find out that they’re as homophobic as the rest.  And as for their comment that they haven’t taken a position on gay marriage – putting aside for a moment the fact that the ad has nothing do with marriage – why not?  Do they have a position on inter-racial marriage?  Would they have in 1965?  You’re not a progressive if you’re more interested in getting conservatives to like you than standing for your supposed beliefs.  Deny me three times, Sojourners?

Here’s the Web ad that Sojourners was so afraid of.

More background on the campaign from the Advocate.

I also get a kick out of how Sojourners sees itself as “progressive,” but then adds that they don’t take sides.  That’s like calling yourself a Democrat, but then adding that you don’t vote.  And in any case, how is it taking sides publishing an ad that simply welcomes everyone to church?

Smells an awful lot like religious homophobia.

I’m also not seeing the g-word in Sojourner’s “diversity” statement.

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