Victory in New York!!! Marriage passed in the State Senate tonight: 33 – 29

UPDATE @ 12:15 AM: And, yep, the Governor signed the bill at 11;55 PM on Friday, June 24, 2011. Marriages begin on July 24, 2011.

Also, NOM Is in major meltdown mode. Alvin McEwen reports they’re comparing their loss in New York to the betrayal of Jesus. Blasphemers.
UPDATE: Watch Governor Cuomo discuss this great win (11:15 PM ET): The Governor’s presser is over, so I removed the embed. He was very eloquent and did say that he’d sign the bill tonight, so it takes effect in 30 days. Check out the photos and video from Stonewall at the bottom of the post.
The State Senate just approved the marriage equality legislation by a vote of 33 – 29. Same-sex marriage becomes legal in New York 30 days after Governor Cuomo signs the bill into law.

We’ve all been on the losing side too many times. Winning is way, way, way more fun.

The trend line is moving in the right direction. This was a huge step forward. HUGE!

Congrats — and thanks — to all those who made it happen.

The arc of moral justice is long, but tonight in Albany, it bent a little more towards justice.

UPDATE: Here’s the statement from our friend — and a hero of the marriage debate, Danny O’Donnell:

“Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions.” Today, the New York State Legislature has affirmed the truth of that fundamental principle with the passage of the Marriage Equality Act.”

“This day is a momentous one, not only for the thousands of same-sex couples across our state who find themselves suddenly on the cusp equality, now awaiting only one person’s signature before being able to marry, but for all New Yorkers who have recognized and fought against legalized discrimination. I have been with my partner John for over 30 years, and, at long last, the state where we were both born, raised, and have lived our adult lives has agreed that all New Yorkers deserve Marriage Equality in the eyes of the law.”

“Speaker Silver and my courageous colleagues in the Assembly who have staunchly supported this bill since 2007, when we became only the third legislative body nationwide to approve same-sex marriage without a court order, deserve immense praise for their continued and repeated votes for Marriage Equality. The State Senators who possessed the courage and conviction today to vote for my equality receive my profound thanks for taking this bold step forward. And, Governor Cuomo, who has been a resolute and powerful ally in this fight since long before the beginning of his term this past January, cannot be thanked enough for his continued support in this battle for justice.”

“I am proud to have played a central role in this crucial moment for our state. Once Marriage Equality is signed into law, our state will be the most populous in the entire nation with these rights. I hope that with this prominence, our great state will shine as a beacon of equality and lead other states from the darkness of injustice. I will never forget this day.”

UPDATE: tonight, New Yorkers are gathering in front of the Stonewall Inn to celebrate a victory that seemed inconceivable just a couple years ago. Paul Yandura sent some photos.

And some video:

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