Is it fair to make fun of Michele Bachmann’s gay-acting husband

This guy in the Daily Iowan says no, and then appears to say yes.

Being myself what some may call an effeminate dancer, I take offense to the suggestion that the way in which a man moves his hips is indicative of whom he might like to have sex with. But even if there are sexual-orientation signs in one’s demeanor, who cares? What if Marcus Bachmann is suppressing homosexuality? That’s something worth discussing if there’s real evidence thereof, but certainly not grounds on which to make him the butt of a prime-time joke.

I’ve met a number of fey guys in my life, and I’ve rarely seen any of them end up completely straight (sure, they say they’re straight until ten years later you reconnect and they’re dating guys). And it’s particularly interesting how many religious right leaders, and their top staff, act like big ole ‘mos.

I think “fair” goes out the window when you run a clinic that tries to “cure” gays of their sexual orientation while your wife tries to slam gays in the state constitution. If you can legislatively gay-bash me, and treat me as some kind of error of science, then yea, it’s open season on the fact that your husband acts like the grand marshall of the Pride parade.

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