Bachmann, who equated homosexuality to Satan, now claims she doesn’t judge gays

Busy weekend for GOP politics.

Michele Bachmann, the winner of the Ames straw poll, told David Gregory that of gays, “I don’t judge them. I don’t judge them.” And, “I ascribe honor and dignity to every person…They have honor and dignity.” Really? She’s got a long history of homophobia, to the point of saying, “It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan.” Gregory played the clip from the 2004 speech where she made those remarks — and actually did a good job trying to pin her down. Note how Bachmann tries to downplay her extreme hatred for gays when she speaks to broader audiences. Won’t work. Her vicious homophobia and Marcus’ ex-gay therapy issues will dog her campaign.


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I don’t think the GOPers realize how energized the LGBT community has become over the past few years. Barack Obama, who is ostensibly an ally, learned it first-hand. Right now, the Republicans are scrambling to get the right-wing homophobic vote. But, that’s a shrinking group. More and more Americans are on our side. And, that’s especially true for young voters. It’s not 2004. And, I suspect the GOPers will be hearing a lot more from the LGBT community as they campaign.

Second-class citizenship won’t sell in 2011-2012. And, that goes for civil unions, too.

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