CA GOP cuts gay prez candidate Karger out of state convention

I don’t know how GOProud is going to spin this one?  But I’m sure they will.

Even as Republican leaders say they’re eagerly wooing all candidates to the state GOP convention Sept. 16-18 in Los Angeles, Karger says his request to attend and address the party activists has apparently been refused.

“I have been waiting for my invitation and it never came,” Karger, 61, a 38-year resident of Laguna Beach, told The Chronicle last week. “And I called up a couple of weeks ago and explained my position.”

That’s when a party official, Karger said, left a “terse” message: “The schedule is completely filled.”

That certainly isn’t very “big tent” of them, now is it? Sometimes you gotta wait a really long time for those conservatives to come around. Of course, if he had just pretended to be straight, or married to one of the candidates, he might even be in the running for First Lady.

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