Dan Choi requests letters of support

We’ve written about the ridiculous case against Lt. Dan Choi here, and how the government seems to be trying to make an example of him to suppress our right to express our grievances for our government’s refusal to observe our equality as American citizens.

Dan writes:

Two letters to the judge were filed into the court record for my case. If you have a view about the First Amendment, our right to protest without fear of political reprisals, or any views you have about my case, please send them, Re: US v Choi 10-739M-11. Honorable US Magistrate Judge John M. Facciola, 333 Constitution Ave NW, Washington DC 20001. Thank you for your support!

This is an easy enough request to satisfy or task to accomplish. If you believe our LGBT community should be able to perform acts of passive civil disobedience then send a letter asking the government to stop vindictively prosecuting Lt. Dan Choi!

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