“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is history

At midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning, the US military’s ban on openly gay service members became history. I’ve been fighting this damn thing for 18 years. About time.

This video just popped up on YouTube. It claims to be a US servicemember in Germany coming out to his dad in Alabama just a few hours ago. It looks real. No clue if it is. Just sharing it raw.

Even more interesting, he did an “It Gets Better – US Military” video a week ago, and refused to show his face, for obvious reasons. I think this guy is for real.

Navy officer, partner, wed in Vermont as ban ends.

Josh Seefried, a gay first lieutenant in the US Air Force, who I knew as his pseudonym JD Smith, comes out.

Even uber-conservative Newsmax is running a story saying the repeal won’t have any adverse impact.

ABC looks at the history of other barriers that fell in the military, like women on combat ships and Muslim chaplains.

Nice picture from Reuters.

BBC’s take.

White House releases DADT video interviewing gay vets.

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