Gay history made: Military recruiters visit Tulsa Equality Center

Rather, than just have a celebratory cocktail party, the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center (OkEq) decided to be the first gay community center to invite military recruiters to come and take applications for potential new gay and lesbian recruits!

“We just didn’t want to have a cocktail party and have everybody drink champagne and celebrate that way,” Toby Jenkins, Executive Director of Oklahomans for Equality, said.

When Jenkins extended the invitation to the recruiters, they said yes.

“This was the one and only (invitation we got). We thought it was actually a pretty good idea to do something we hadn’t thought of,” Marine Corps Captain Abe Sipe said.

Pure genius, and it was the first time ever anywhere in the United States that a gay community center had military recruiters come to promote the armed forces and sign up potential recruits. Hoo-ah!

h/t goes to friend, Don Rush, who pointed out this important first!

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