Is the GOP causing dissension in the ranks of the military?

Reader “S1AMER” makes some good points regarding the recent attempt by Republicans to try to overturn the repeal of DADT. The majority of Americans are for this (70% to 80% in poll after poll), yet the Republican party seems hell bent on preventing the smooth transition to open service for patriotic gay and lesbian servicemen and women.

The tragedy of political stunts like this is that some young homophobes in the ranks might believe this gives them carte blanche to go after their gay and lesbian comrades.

Frankly, I’m generally impressed with the level of planning and training in the military. Some generals and admirals might not have been keen about this. But the law was passed and they’ve all put forth great efforts to implement it with uniformity.

Rather than bringing our military together, the GOP seems to be desperately trying to cause dissension in the ranks. This is a dangerous and desperate path for conservatives to be taking, especially when we’re involved in three military actions (Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya). It is deeply disturbing that they would put their partisan Republican bigotry ahead of the well being of our military and country. It proves some politicians are willing to put our country’s defense at risk for partisan purposes.

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