Kristin Chenoweth drops gay bombshell on Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kristin Chenoweth dropped a gay bombshell on Tulsa, Oklahoma by appearing on Piers Morgan and announcing support for LGBT Americans.

“I am a Christian, and I would call myself conservative in some ways and not so conservative in some ways,” she told Morgan, which was reported on

“And I don’t think the gay issue is a political one, but I do think it’s a civil rights issue,” she said. “I believe as a woman, as a Christian, as an actor and as an artist that people who love each other should be allowed to be married, and I know that doesn’t go along with what Mrs. Bachmann and everybody that proclaims that, but that is why I believe,” the Tony and Emmy award winner told Morgan on the show.

She also told him: “If it was a sin to be short, what would I do? Well I’d be right on the hell bus … I believe that’s the way God made me, and I don’t believe God makes mistakes, and that includes a person’s sexuality.”

One of the reasons this particular interview makes so much difference is that Kristin Chenoweth hails from a very conservative Tulsa suburb, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

I’m a firm believer that any kind of activism by celebrities that forces people to challenge their ultra-fundamentalist beliefs in the conservative areas of our nation, like Broken Arrow, is a very good thing. Those areas are overrun with backwards, hateful Michele Bachmann types, and should be ground zero for positive change. Kristin Chenoweth’s statement makes her a heroine for our community, and especially the young LGBT kids who struggle to survive in an environment that can be downright dangerous for them.

Be sure and read the comments below the story in the Tulsa World. They show just how powerful her witness is.

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