Amtrak reportedly censoring gay news sites

This had better not be true. 

Amazingly, Maryland Juice is on an Amtrak train right now and was trying to verify that Seattle Gay News was not a porn site (it is not), and I stumbled across the following amazing development. Amtrak also appears to be blocking LGBT news sites from its WiFi connections! WTF. The site contains offensive articles, like this recent headline: “Youth suicide prevention funds on WA state’s chopping block”.

But apparently an equally big story is that Maryland Juice stumbled upon the soft-launch of Wifi service on its Northeast Regional Line. I just spoke to a subcontractor of Amtrak who wanted to know how my connection was acting. I am running on a fairly stable connection from NYC to Washington.

Even still, my excitement is now dampened. A Maryland Juice Facebook reader also noted, “I repeatedly got the same msg when I tried to access Guardian UK last month.” The Guardian is a mainstream liberal British newspaper. Amtrak, shame on you.

Though it appears to be.  And while we’re at it, I’ve had repeated reports that the State Department, on again off again, has been blocking this site, among others.

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