Does Michelle Rhee want it to get better or worse? It’s time she picked a team.

Growing darling of the right, Michelle Rhee, who used to be the head of schools in DC (for a Democratic administration), is now running an organization that is financially supporting at least one anti-gay candidate in Michigan, Rep. Paul Scott. This isn’t Rhee’s first run-in with cozying up to homophobes.

It’s all well and good that Rhee did an It Gets Better video the other day. But she really can’t help it get better when she’s helping it get worse by supporting anti-gay politicians like Michigan Rep. Paul Scott. Kids are bullied because they learn their prejudice from the culture around them. And that culture is influenced in a big way by bigoted politicians like Scott.

Let’s take a quick look at this Paul Scott character:

While running for State Representative, Scott criticized his opponent for accepting donations from gay rights groups. He called those groups “far left and radical homosexual groups.”

While running for Secretary of State, the Republican was criticized for gay baiting by the Log Cabin Republicans. He emailed supporters listing his top four priorities which included: “I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver’s license in any circumstance.”

Yes, that should help get the economy back on its feet.

During the same Secretary of State race, according to Log Cabin, “Scott touted the support of Former Bush 2004 Michigan Social Conservative Outreach Chair, Bill Voorheis, who hunts people down at conventions and other GOP functions to confront them about their supposed homosexuality.”

Nice.  (He’s also an anti-abortion wing nut, among other non-surprises.)

If Michelle Rhee wants to be a Fox News Republican, then fine – she has the right to embrace a fringe faction of the GOP that doesn’t really like minorities, or anyone not a member of the 1%. But if she really wants to be an advocate for all students, including gay and trans kids, then she should stop hanging out with people who make a living out of legislatively bullying those same kids.

It’s not going to get better until Michelle Rhee gets better.

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