Students chant “better off dead” as song is played in memory of 14 yr old Jamey Rodemeyer

Chicago Trib:

But near Buffalo, a student was suspended for taunting Rodemeyer’s 16-year-old sister at a school dance just hours after she attended a wake for her younger brother Sept. 22.

“It sickens me,” their father said of reports that some students chanted “better off dead” when dance organizers played a song in Rodemeyer’s honor.

Superintendent Scott Martzloff posted a message on the district’s website condemning the dance incident and saying a student believed to be responsible was suspended.

Suspended? Why not expelled? What the f is the school doing only suspending someone for starting a chant “better off dead” at the very minute the boy is lying in his coffin waiting to be buried?  It’s not like this is the first incident at the school.  According to Jamey, no dead, he was harassed again and again and again.  They told him to go kill himself.  And he did.  And now a group of students starts chanting “better of dead” at a school dance, when the sister is there, during a song to honor the poor kid, while his body is waiting for burial, and the school can only find one kid and can only give him a suspension.

Jamey’s parents should sue Williamsville North, and its principal, Petrina Neureuter, for millions.  And use this incident as further proof that the school district still doesn’t get it.

And only one student is suspended. I’m sorry, but the article says “studentS”. So why only one? No one has any video of the chanting, seriously? I’ll bet you ten students at least have video. Everyone saw who chanted. Find out who, and punish them.

This is why gay kids are killing themselves. Because garbage like this continues to happen in the very same schools where our kids have already killed themselves, and the schools give the perpetrators slaps on the wrist.

Here’s more from MSNBC (there’s video on the site as well of the parents being interviewed about this):

The parents of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who was found dead at their home on Sept. 18, indicated in an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Ann Curry on Tuesday that their daughter endured further taunts at a school function immediately after Jamey’s wake. At a homecoming dance she attended shortly after her brother’s death, a potentially poignant moment turned ugly after a song by Lady Gaga, Jamey’s favorite artist, who recently dedicated a song at a concert in his memory.

“She was having a great time, and all of a sudden a Lady Gaga song came on, and they all started chanting for Jamey, all of his friends,’’ Jamey’s mother, Tracy, told Curry. “Then the bullies that put him into this situation started chanting, ‘You’re better off dead!’ and ‘We’re glad you’re dead!’ and things like that.

“My daughter came home all upset. It was supposed to be a time for her to grieve and have fun with her friends, and it turned into bullying even after he’s gone.’’

I’d not seen this about Obama top civil rights official, Tom Perez:

And if a 14-year-old boy can be bullied for years and wind up dead within weeks of entering high school, national child advocates say, something has to change.

Thomas E. Perez, a Buffalo native who now serves as the nation’s top civil rights lawyer, called the suicide of the Williamsville North freshman “another preventable death.”

Brandishing printouts of Buffalo News articles detailing the online taunts and insults that Jamey Rodemeyer endured, the assistant attorney general of civil rights was visibly angry as he addressed the crowd at a two-day summit on bullying sponsored by the the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C.

Good for him. Too bad there’s no competent gay liaison at DOJ to actually tell us when things like this happen. I had to find this by randomly googling.

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