OMG Cops pepper-spray UC Davis students, point blank in face, who are just sitting there doing nothing

This isn’t a gay issue. But it is a social justice issue. This is beyond outrageous.

UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike

Here’s confirmation of who the cop is, and his contact info:
Lieutenant John Pike
[email protected]

Much better picture of this neanderthal assaulting the students. Clearly not justification whatsoever for what he did.

This is outrageous. Oh my God, watch this video, you’ll see in the first seconds all you need to see. The cop walks up to a line of students just siting down on the ground, having a sit-in basically, and he pepper-sprays them, one by one, in the face at point blank range.

I’m sorry, this has gone too far. This has happened in police department after police department, and it has gone too far. Our police look like the goons in Russia and China. Please watch this video and send it to everyone you know. This has gone too far.

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