Proposed draconian Russian anti-gay law not that different from what the Republicans try do here in the states

I read these stories about how the Russians, and the Nigerians, are proposing all sorts of backwards, third world sounding anti-gay laws to ban gay and trans people from doing just about everything, including speaking or even having a relationship, and then I think about what Republicans have tried, and are trying here in the states.

The husband of a GOP presidential candidate, Marcus Bachmann, tries to “cure” gay people.  And a number of the GOP candidates want to ban gay marriage in the US Constitution – which will likely have far reaching effects that could undo a host of pro-gay laws, ordinances, and corporate policies across the country.  They also don’t think we should be permitted to adopt children.

In Tennessee, the GOP governor, along with the Chamber of Commerce and business likes Comcast, AT&T;, FedEx and Nissan repealed gay and trans rights laws in cities across the state, and banned them from every being passed again (until such time as it would be meaningless to pass them anyway).  How different is that – making it so that state citizens can’t petition their city governments for civil rights redress – from what the Russians are doing?

As for the “promotion” of homosexuality, what the Russian bill claims it stops, that idea came from Republicans in the US congress and Republicans in the various state legislatures and city councils across our fair land.  In particular, GOP darling Senator Jesse Helms, now thankfully dead, was famous for so-called “No Promo Homo” legislation that he relentlessly tried to pass at the federal level.  So pardon the Russians if they’re newest pogrom wasn’t inspired by the GOP.

And we criticize Uganda for its laws against being gay in that “backwards” country, while lead religious right hate groups, courted by the Republican presidential candidates in America, have called for America to jail its own gay population.

Don’t get me wrong: I think the Russians, Nigerians and Ugandans are acting like a bunch of third world trolls.  The problem is, one of America’s top two political parties is doing the same.

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